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Aol Desktop Gold Download | Install and Setup Aol Desktop Gold


AOL System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8 or 10, 266 MHz or faster computer processor1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution1 GB RAM and 512 MB hard diskInternet Explorer 7+If you wish to upgrade the previous AOL software version to premium AOL Desktop Gold, you may require for additional disk space.

AOL Desktop Gold:

AOL desktop is a complete software suite to enable instant messaging, emailing or search content. AOL Desktop integrates numerous features over the internet including instant messenger, Media Player, and a fast web browser. AOL had produced earlier ample desktop software versions such AOL 10.X and AOL 9.X versions. The latest AOL desktop software is AOL desktop gold. AOL desktop Gold is equipped with more advanced features focusing on fast web browsing and instant access to email. A user doesn’t need to sign into AOL to use AOL web browser regularly. However, the “MAIL” and “IM” users need to sign in there. For convenient, users can also utilize the shortcuts for authentication to log in.

AOL Desktop Gold Download:

The latest AOL Desktop Gold software is convenient to use and encompasses lots of necessary functionalities. You love this software if you love fast browsing, instant messaging and emailing, excellent experiences of audio and video contents. Not just convenient to use, but also it provides users with premium security features to protect your AOL account to be hacked and compromised The AOL desktop features Auto Update option. It saves time and your computer memory. It can automatically update and replace with the old version. For AOL Desktop Gold subscription, you can have 30-days free trial just after signup. Users are also provided with the 24 hours 7 days live support for any sorts technical issues. For AOL Advantage Plan members no additional cost is charged to download AOL Desktop Gold.

AOL Gold Download for Mac:

AOL also provides its software for Mac users. AOL provides the Mac users with the brand new Beta version software available for download. If you love to make your Mac faster for immediate browsing without sign in, you will have a great experience after AOL Desktop Software Download. Mac users can install and launch the AOL Desktop in a bit of second. The user-friendly software suite offers easy access to a web browser and Messenger due to is organized view. It also integrates the online chat systems and highly customized toolbar to access the worlds of functionalities at user’s fingertips.

How to Download AOL Gold for Mac OS:

To download AOL Gold for MAC OS, you first need to subscribe anyone of the three memberships. These are Advantage plan, Trial or via Link in your mailbox. After selecting and buying a membership, the AOL Gold software will be available to download for Mac users.